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Sudarshan Pharma Industries Limited is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) that are used in the production of various pharmaceutical products. With a strong presence across PAN India, Middle East, South East Asia, Pacific and other parts of the world, Sudarshan Pharma Industries has emerged as a leading player in the chemical industry.


The company has been serving the chemical industry for the last 25 years and has multiple state-of-the-art plants across India for the manufacturing of APIs. The company’s APIs are known for their high quality and cost-effectiveness, making them an ideal choice for pharmaceutical companies looking to produce high-quality products while keeping the costs in check.


Sudarshan Pharma Industries Limited takes great care in ensuring the quality of its APIs as they are a crucial raw material in the production of finished pharmaceutical products. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering the best possible products to its customers, Sudarshan Pharma Industries Limited is a trusted name in the chemical industry and a reliable partner for pharmaceutical companies looking to produce high-quality products.

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    PLANT 1


    1. Albendazole Plain USP /  BP / IP
    2. Albendazole Micronised USP /  BP / IP
    3. Mefenamic Acid USP /  IP
    4. Alpha Lipoic Acid 1077-28-7
    5. Ferrous Fumarate USP / BP /  EP /  IP
    6. Fluconazole
    7. DFTA

    PLANT 2

    Turbhe Unit:

    1. Clobetasol Propionate USP / BP / IP
    2. Betamethasone Dipropionate USP / BP / IP
    3. Betamethasone Valerate USP / BP / IP
    4. Clotrimazole  USP / BP / IP
    5. Budesonide  USP / BP / IP
    6. Fluticasone Furoate USP / BP / IP
    7. Fluticasone propionate USP / BP / IP

    PLANT 3

    New incoming in Gujarat:


    1. Cilostazol  USP / BP /  IP
    2. Vildagliptin  USP / BP /  IP
    3. Deferasirox USP / BP /  IP
    4. Quetiapine Fumarate  USP / BP /  IP
    5. Glibenclamide USP / BP /  IP
    6. Gliclazide USP / BP /  IP