Frequently Asked Questions

1. Okay, so let us start with how and when you started this company and what was your vision for SPIL?

We incorporated Sudarshan Pharma Industry Ltd in 2008 with a vision to foster innovation and awareness in the health sector. We wanted to work towards the betterment of our country by using the skillsets that we had. We began our journey with the field of speciality chemical and with careful planning over the years, Intermediates, APIs, Finish Formulations and Branding.

2. That is great! What about other members? Who are the core members who have been with the company and shaped it the way it is today?

My father and two brothers have spent a lot of energy in making and shaping of this company. I handle business development while Sachin Bhai is the managing director and handles the office efficiently. My sister Preeti too is associated with us. She heads the Chemical division. Our export division is headed by Mr Patil. Our CEO Vinay looks after the overall working of the company. Indraraj heads the VIMAC division and Mr Rajesh heads the accounts department. Logistics is headed by Ms Geeta while Mr Santosh Thakur looks after global sourcing.

3. How Sudarshan will educate the people/ patient for heart attack, its precautions / first aid?

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